Understand Your Soil Test

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Step 1 A: MSU Soil Test Report Code

Please enter the 6-character code that you received via e-mail to view your report and receive specific recommendations.


Or... Step 1 B: Enter Your Soil Test Details

If you don't have your MSU Soil Test Report Code or if you had your soil tested at another lab, you can enter your information below to receive a customized fertilizer recommendations for the specific plant you are trying to grow.

Change your mind? If you had your soil tested by MSU and indicated you wanted, for example, to grow vegetables, but since receiving your lab results and recommendation you have changed your mind and now want to grow strawberries instead, fill in your soil test results below, choosing the new crop type, and a custom fertilizer recommendation will be generated for your new crop.

Soil Type 
Next to Lake or Stream 
Soil pH 
Lime Index 
Organic Matter  %
Phosphorus (P)  ppm
Potassium (K)  ppm
Magnesium (Mg)  ppm
Calcium (Ca)  ppm
CEC  meq/100 g